Metallica is one of the most influential band in the history of the genre. They has announced their latest album, and it’s a pretty big one! “Hardwired… To Self Destruct” will released on November 18.

Here is the 10 facts about the most important member of the Metallica, James Hetfield.

10. Story of The God That Failed

Metallica’s 1991 song “The God That Failed” depended on the demise of Hetfield’s mom as a child, in light of the fact that as a christian researcher she trusted that her confidence in God alone would have the capacity to save her from cancer.

9. The Hunt

James Hetfield is a skilled hunter he also Member of The National Rifle Association.

8. Nothing Else Matters

He initially composed the 1991 hit “Nothing Else Matters” as an individual tune, not proposed to be played before any other person, however Metallica drummer and band mate Lars Ulrich persuaded him to utilize it for a Metallica melody, which he did.

7. Francesca Hetfield

His wife Francesca is from Argentina and a previous costumer for his band Metallica.

6. Second-Degree Burns

Endured severely second-degree burns  through a phase pyrotechnic mishap while visiting in Montreal, Canada, 8 August 1992.

5. Musical Inspirations

His musical inspirations are Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, Venom, Nick Cave, Rocket From The Crypt, ‘The Misfits’, Black Sabbath, Diamond Head.

4. Tattoos

He has his kids names tatooed on his chest.

3. Janitor

James Hetfield was a janitor before  Metallica.

2. So What!?

In 1991, Hetfield blew his voice doing a cover of the song “So What” during the recording of the album Metallica, and had to be completely retrained.

1. Descripes Himself

He describes himself as rugged, honest, stubborn.