Here are the top 13 facts about “Ride The Lightning” album from Metallica:

1- The last album to appear Dave Mustaine before he get kicked out of the band. He gets 2 writting credits on Call of Kathulu and Ride The Lightning

2- The only instrumental track is Call of Kathlu. This song is named by Dave Mustaine and he wrote half of the riffs. The song is based on The Shadow Over Innsmouth by HP Lovecraft.

3- Fight Fire With Fire is about Nuclear Warfare. James Hetfield was really obsessed with death when he wrote it.

4- The idea of the name for Ride the lightning first came that-one-day when Kirk Hammett was reading Stephen King’s The Stand, in a scene where ‘this guy’ was on death row and say he wanted to ‘ride the lightning’. Kirk thinks this would be a great song title so he told James, then end up as the song and album title there is today.

5- For whom the bell tolls is based on the book by Ernest Hemmingway, the book is about the spanish war.

6- Fade to black, a very powerful song. The last song to perform live with ex-bassist Jason Newsted before he left the band in the year 2000s.

7- Trapped under Ice describes someone trapped (or drown) under thick ice struggling to survive.

8- The song Escape is about breaking away from the mindless disciples of today’s society, by not being a part of the so-called system, to no longer live your life in redundancy, and to be yourself.

9- Creeping Death Inspired from an award winning-film ‘The Ten Commandments‘, also from a The Book of Exodus (12:29). Part where ‘the first born man’ is killed.

10- There are some rare green release of this album published by Bernett Records in France, because of accidental discolored publish, it release for just 400 pieces. Could sold for $50 or higher on ebay. Perfect for music collectors, right?

11- All their equipments been stolen right before they take off to Europe, Except their guitars.

12- Listen Ride The Lightning closely at 4:50, the scream is by Lars Ulrich!

13- The wang echo on For Whom the Bell tolls is from an anvil in the studio they played