Yoububer Andriy Vasylenko has released a new video on Youtube and he attempted to rate a few Metallica guitar riffs from easiest to hardest.

He stated:

Metallica is such a diverse band. And I believe that one of reasons why they have become so popular is that you could go through many levels of guitar playing by doing Metallica only.

They are so easy to get into, thanks to the ballad and that kind of stuffand then just follow the way up to riffs that could make your hands fall off.

Most of us have been through this “quicksand” of Metallica, so you understand what I’m saying.

Today we’ll try to sort out the riffs, from basic to most difficult ones. As addicitional criteria, we’ve got: technique, physique and trick.”

Here’s the 20 Metallica riffs from easiest to hardest:

1. Some Kind of Monster (Main riff)
2. To Live Is To Die (Main riff)
3. The Unforgiven (Main riff)
4. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Chorus riff)
5. The Day That Never Comes (Main riff)
6. King Nothing (Main riff)
7. Orion (Main riff)
8. Seek And Destroy (Main riff)
9. Wherever I May Roam (Main riff)
10. Fade to Black (Middle section bridge)
11. Fuel (Main riff)
12. Am I Savage? (Main riff)
13. The Four Horsemen (Main riff)
14. The Day That Never Comes (Bridge to solo)
15. Some Kind of Monster (Main riff development)
16. Spit Out The Bone (Main riff)
17. Master of Puppets (Main riff)
18. Blackened (Main riff)
19. Fight Fire With Fire (Main riff)
20. Dyers Eve (Main riff)

You can watch the video from below.