Alice In Chains guitarists Jerry Cantrell celebrated the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Facelift, by sharing a new post on the official Instagram account and revealed his feelings.

Facelift was released in August 1990, and it peaked at number 42 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album includes singles like ‘We Die Young,’ ‘Man in the Box,’ ‘Sea of Sorrow,’ and more.

Jerry announced that he will be sharing memories from those ‘old but gold’ days in the next thirty days on social media and said that it means a lot to reach out to the people’s hearts with their music.

Also, Jerry pointed out that they are looking forward to meeting again with the band members as soon as possible and mesmerize the followers with their music again. In this way, Jerry revealed that the new album of Alice In Chains will be releasing sooner than we expected.

Here is what Jerry Cantrell said:

“30 years ago today Layne, Sean, Mike and I put our first record out. Over the next 30 days we will be sharing with you all kinds of cool stuff from that time. We were and still are a band of brothers, all for one and one for all.

It means the world to us that our music has found a place to live in the hearts of so many people around the world.

We look forward to a day not too far in the future when we can saddle up and take it around this ball one more time and throw down with you all. Thank you for listening.”

You can check out the post below.