Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda spoke in an interview with Josh Bodwell from Epic Ink and admitted that they were kind of a Led Zeppelin band.

He has praised singer Dee Snider and said that ‘We got Dee in the band, we didn’t have to worry about singing’.

Here’s the statement:

“There definitely was a struggle. I mean, once we got Dee [Snider, vocals] in the band, we didn’t have to worry about singing. At the time, he really did [Led Zeppelin vocalist] Robert Plant very well. We did all Led Zeppelin. ‘Led Zeppelin I’, we did the whole album. We were kind of a Led Zeppelin band, which was weird for a little while.

Then, people always love ‘Led Zeppelin I’. Gradually, I said, my whole thing, let’s just play four, five nights a week so we can work toward doing originals and get signed. Everybody had the same mindset. Playing the bars and stuff was a way to pay the bills until we got signed.

Eventually, it was ten years before we got signed, but it was definitely difficult. What overnight successes take ten years? That’s pretty average. I’ve talked to so many people. Even Queen, you think Queen would never have a hard time, but they had a hard time too in the beginning.”

Watch Dee Snider’s Led Zeppelin cover from below. I’m totally impressed…

He also talked about Twisted Sister’s 2001 reunion and said:

“That, and everybody was broke. That will get a band together real quick… It was great [going back on the road], especially headlining. In the ’80s, we didn’t headline. We were like third or fourth on the bill.

Back then, it was Iron Maiden, or Whitesnake was headlining. But we got closer and closer to the headlining thing. Then we broke up for ten years. The lack of funds put us back together, to be honest. [Laughs]”

You can watch the interview below. Click here to entire statement via Blabbermouth.