Raven frontman John Gallagher spoke in an interview with David Slavkovic from Ultimate-Guitar, and told an interesting story about the time when he was touring with Ozzy Osbourne.

Interviewer asked ‘What was it like touring with Ozzy?’, and Raven frontman responded:

“That was basically the second leg of his first tour. So it was Bob Daisley, Lee Kerslake, Ozzy, and Randy [Rhoads]. Ozzy was hilarious. He didn’t have the slowed-down speech like he has now, he was just quick and funny.

They were incredible, they were really good with us. The crew were horrible. They were Nazis – if I can use the word. They were just really, really… ‘You’ve got this thing, this thing. If you touch this, we’re pulling the power out. And if you do this, we’re kicking you off.’ It’s like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… Just let us play our show. Please.’

And then, on the last show… Before the show, I was sat down at a table with Ozzy and Sharon. And Sharon told me, ‘Ozzy wants a hand in your future.’ And then literally five seconds later, her father turned up – the notorious music business gangster, Don Arden.

And basically said ‘Ha, ha, ha, ha. No. We’ll not have any of that.’ There was this huge argument, this huge fight, and that we the last we ever heard of that. [Laughs] Which actually is probably a good thing. [Laughs]”

On touring with Iron Maiden, he said:

“We did one show. They did a live EP actually in… It wasn’t the show we played with them, but I think it was in like June or August, right about that time… Maybe it was July. In 1980. We played the old Marquee Club with Iron Maiden, did one show. You know, drive 250 miles to London, get out, play a show, get back in, drive back.

And it was great. That was a lot of fun. We got the strange scene of seeing Iron Maiden before Steve Harris turned up, of Iron Maiden on stage playing Eagles songs.”

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