Stryper mastermind Michael Sweet has posted a new message to his fans for praise Kanye West on his verified Twitter account.

He has paid attention to musical and lyrical stance of Kanye West, and he paid respect to him for his ‘bold stance’. Here’s what he wrote:

“I wonder how many people hate @Stryper simply based on the lyrical content/message? Musically speaking we hold our own but let’s face it, Christianity isn’t “in”. We will however never waiver from what we do. Never have, never will. I applaud @kanyewest for such a bold stance🙏”

A fan named Mike has reacted to Michael’s statement by a response on Twitter, and said:

“As a guy who wavered most of my life, God pursued. One of the ways-your music. To have the message be the same 30+ yrs later was a gift.
In Portland, Or. 2018-you played to the biggest crowd I’ve seen in that building. In a long line of ppl w diff metal shirts, etc”

Another fan named MetalMikef commented:

“Tough to say. In the 80’s you weren’t really respected in my local metal community because of the bee outfits. Personally I always thought “white metal” was great. White Cross, Stryper. I think even Trouble were considered white metal.”

You can reach the original tweet of Michael below.