In 2000, Van Halen’s tribute album “A Tribute Tribute to Van Halen 2000” was released. King’s X frontman Dug Pinnick was featured as a vocalist on that album. In addition, Yngwie Malmsteen played guitars…

In a recent interview with Straus Project, King’s X frontman Doug Pinnick has shared story about how he recorded Van Halen’s Light Up The Sky. He said:

“I did ‘Light Up The Sky’. Oh my god. Okay, I never thought David Lee Roth was a good singer at all, never did. I met him. He said to me, ‘I never thought I was a good singer. I bring the circus to town.’ I’m going, ‘Oh, I get it.’

Then I went home and I got the opportunity to sing this song and I thought, ‘Okay, I’m just going to sing it like Doug sings it.’ I started to sing and it was horrible. I went, ‘Oh no. I got to learn it exactly like he did it.’ I got in my car and drove around town and got stoned and learned every mimic and inflection he did.

When I got done, [I thought], ‘You’re a genius motherfucker. David Lee Roth, you are a badass, how you sing so great, how you can tell a story and slide in and out of the melody.’ I went, ‘Oh, wow!’ From that day on, I’m going, ‘Okay, much respect.’ But, that’s what it took. We’re all like that. We don’t like things until somebody kicks us. But that’s probably one of the proudest…

I don’t have very many proud moments but that was one only because I nailed him. That’s what I like. When I feel like I nailed somebody, that’s when I’m happy. When I do me and everybody loves it, I just go, ‘That’s what I do.’ When I copy Jimi Hendrix and you go, ‘Oh my god!’ Other than that, that’s just me. I try to do everybody, but I can’t.

That’s how everybody becomes original, you just try to imitate everybody else and it turns into a soup, then all of the sudden it’s yours.”

You can listen to Dug Pinnick’s Van Halen cover from below. Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth.