During a recent interview with Vegas Rocks! Magazine, rock legend Kip Winger has shared his thoughts about being a “sex symbol” in 80’s.

Here’s the statement:

“I was totally comfortable with it. I went through — we all went through that phase. ‘Cause it’s the Paul Stanley [KISS] factor — you wanna be a total rock star; David Lee Roth [Van Han], Paul Stanley kind of vibe.

But then, musically, we’re putting more sophisticated… I don’t wanna make value judgments about the music, ’cause KISS is amazing, but there’s technically more difficult stuff going on in our music, which we intentionally did that. But being a sex symbol and all that stuff, that was fun. I was a kid, and it was a blast. I did well.”

He also talked about first years of Winger, and said:

“It was weird. When we finally got past my solo thing.I had a solo thing that I asked Reb to play some stuff on. Then we called it Viceversa, but it wasn’t really a band. It was my songs and Reb played on them. But when Reb and I actually started writing, then that’s when really the band began.

Because Reb’s a riff-meister. ‘I got this one riff I’ve had since I was 15.’ It was ‘Seventeen’. I’m more of a song arranger. He writes great riffs and I know how to arrange, so the chemistry became really obvious early on.

We made a commitment to not take any outside work for about six months to see how far we could get, so we wrote the whole first album in those six months.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.