The list that prepared by WhatCulture is reveals little known 9 facts about Metallica. Here’s the list:

9. They Played Antarctica, Making Them The First Band To Perform On Seven Continents

8. James Hetfield First Learned To Play The Piano


7.  A Rare Misprinted Green Cover For Ride the Lightning Has Become A Collector’s Item

6. They Have Over 80 Full-Time Staff Members Working For Them

5. Death Magnetic Is Largely Considered To Be The Loudest Album Ever Recorded

4. James Hetfield And Lars Ulrich Voiced Characters For The Kid’s Cartoon Dave The Barbarian

3. James Hetfield Was Brought Up In A Christian Household

2. Ulrich, Hammett And Newsted Were All Going Through Divorces While Making The Black Album

1. Hardwired Is The First Album With No Songwriting Credit From Kirk Hammett