In a recent interview with Rock Sverige from Sweden, Avantasia frontman Tobias Sammet has shared a story of his first met with KISS frontman Paul Stanley.

Interviewer asked ‘Who was the first music hero that you got to meet?’, Tobias responded:

“Paul Stanley maybe. The way he said ‘Tobias,’ I will never forget that, because that was the only thing he said. [Laughs] Gene Simmons was talkative. Paul wasn’t. Maybe he was resting his voice. I met Steven Tyler, but I didn’t talk to him. We were on tour with Aerosmith and they were super cool. No restrictions, nothing.

We were allowed to go everywhere and use the whole stage. No security keeping us away. I was allowed to watch their show from the stage. I was in a room next to Steven Tyler and it was in 2007, and I didn’t dare to speak to him. He was tinier than me, I believe. There was nobody else. I don’t know if he knew that I was the singer in the support act for the whole tour.

We were standing next to each other and it was a stupid situation. Most of the heroes I met were really cool. Funny thing, I wanted to work with Blackie Lawless [W.A.S.P.] once. I had an appointment. He was supposed to sing, as far as I’m concerned, on the ‘Scarecrow’ album.

I sent him the track and we had an appointment at two o’clock. ‘Blackie’s still in the hotel.’ Four o’clock, ‘Blackie’s still in the hotel.’ Six o’clock, ‘Blackie’s still in the hotel.’ Eight o’clock, ‘Well, Blackie’s not gonna talk to you before the show.’ To make a long story short, at two o’clock at night, I was invited to Blackie’s dressing room after he had gotten off the stage.

He was very nice. He said, ‘Tobi, to be honest with you, I haven’t listened to the track, but I don’t do these kinds of things.’ I said, ‘Cool! Thank you for letting me know.’ He was nice and he said, ‘I won’t do this unless it really impresses me and if it impresses me, you will know. Now I have to take a shower.’ And then he pointed at the door. [Laughs]”

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