Metallica co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich shared a recent Instagram photos from U.S tour concerts, and wrote:

Missing you guys
#wanna #worldwired #coolestfans”

There were lots of interesting banner in the crowd. Lars, tried to indicate all of those interesting ones and took photo with them:

“Lars! Take me to Europe. Wanne keep roaming!”

“Lars, You’re the reason that i play drums! #STICKPLEASE”

“Sad but true… Lars it’s my 50th birthday. Please take a photo with me!”

“1st Metallica Show. Can i have a drumstick please.”

“Lars! Drumhead and i more war face for the road? #wanna”

“Since 5 am in line for ‘Tallica. Totally worth it :)”

You can see all photos below:

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Missing you guys… #wanna #worldwired #coolestfans

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