On Twitter, KISS bassist and singer Gene Simmons has reacted to the recent tweet he got from a fan in which the fan is showing off his KISS tattoo.

First of all, KISS’ official Twitter account has posted a fan’s arm tattoo and encouraged the others for showing their own tattoos in the comment section of the post.

After a while, a fan named Erwin has posted a mini video to show his extraordinary KISS tattoo that features some interesting women faces with KISS makeup.

The demon of the KISS, Gene has reacted to the tweet by saying it’s the best tattoo he ever saw. You can see the conversation below.

Erwin, who is the KISS fan on Twitter, said:

“My kiss tattoo a bit different than usual with faces of the woman”

Gene Simmons responded:

“This is the coolest tattoo I’ve seen. Erwin, I’m speechless!”

Check out the tweet below.