Photo: Louder Sound

On Twitter, A KISS fan named “Rockandrollheaven” has shared an inspiring story about legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons.

He said that Gene yelled at him because he was smoking, and it’s changed his life. Here’s the story that written by fan:

“You probably don’t remember me. But I worked on the movie why him. You yelled at me because I was smoking.

Just want to let you know I have been smoke-free for a year now and it’s thanks to you. So thank you for that.”

Then, Gene has reacted to story with three smile and retweet. You can see the tweet below.

A Twitter user said:

“Can you please yell me to get on a diet and make some excersice please? I have a chocolate cake addiction haha”

Another fan shared a funny gif with this tweet:

“Gene. this just shows. you need to start yelling at people more.”