Former Metallica star Ron McGovney had a recent Twitter conversation with his social media account, and he confirmed the unknown younghood photo of the current Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

You may check out the conversation between Ron McGovney and an account named ‘James Hetfield’s Muscular Arms’ right below that Ron admitted that the photo belongs to him and James, and this rare frame was taken in 1983 while they are on KillemAllForOne tour.

When we look at the photo, we can easily say that the place they are spending time does not look a wealthy property at all.

Here is what ‘James Hetfield’s Muscular Arms’ asked:

“Hey, Ron McGovney… 👋👋 Is that you and James in the photo??”

Ron McGovney responded:

“Yes. At the old Norwalk house when the band stayed at my house on the KillemAllForOne tour in 1983.”

The fan account has responded back:

“Thank you so much :))”

You can check out the conversation below.