The former bass guitarist of Metallica, Ron McGovney, replied a tweet on Twitter that showed the ’80s photo of James Hetfield: ‘Goofy foot rider.’

Ron McGovney has been known as the original bass guitarist of the legendary band Metallica. He played with the band between the years of 1981 and 1982. Rumor has it that McGovney’s time in Metallica was tumultuous due to his continuous clash with the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Dave Mustaine. Ron left the band a year later and replaced by Cliff Burton.

Recently, the Twitter account of the actor Ryan J. Downey’s podcast about Metallica named Speak N’ Destroy‘ shared an old picture of the band’s frontman James Hetfield from the 1980s. In the photo, James was looking young and riding on a skateboard.

As we all know, Papa Het is a huge fan of vintage cars and even he has a workshop for making his own vintage cars. It seems like James had a big passion for skateboarding when he was a teenager.

Ex-Metallica star Ron McGovney responded the tweet with a comment:

Goofy foot rider. Like me.

You can see the tweet Ron shared on Twitter below.