A Reddit user named xvx369 released a special photo of Slipknot members walking through the backstage for Jimmy Kimmel Live and penned his conspiracy theory about the new member.

Here is what he said:

“New guy and Shawn “Clown” Crahan arriving together. I’m starting to think it’s Gage Crahan. Also I’ve heard there’s pictures of Zach Hill at Jimmy Kimmel Live, I haven’t seen them. Anybody know where I can see them?”

Another user named melo1212 wrote that:

“It could literally be anyone dude, u haven’t solved shit. I agree it’s not zach but I don’t think it’s gage either.

These guys have so many friends they could literally get anyone. There could be soooo many different reasons they are both walking in together too. lol.”

xvx369 posted another theory:

“Also it seems they arrived already in full gear and masks. Which contradicts Zach Hill being seen… How can Zach hill be there and The new guy arrives and in full gear??? I might be missing something.

As I’m just interpreting things based on photos of the SlipKnot members arriving.. all of them arrived geared up. Sure some without their masks, but strange that both Shawn Clown Crahan and “New Guy” arrived together with masks already on…”

Here is the photo below:

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