According to Daily Star’s report, singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page are discussing Led Zeppelin’s reunion for the 50th anniversary.

Daily star claimed that singer Robert Plant, 69, is said to be “mulling over” a reunion despite vowing to never get back together with the band. He held talks with guitarist Jimmy Page, 74, and bass player John Paul Jones, 72, about hosting events in London in October.

A “well-placed source” said:

“Everyone around the band is buzzing. Jimmy and Robert are talking again and discussing how to celebrate the big [50th] anniversary. Realistically this will be the last time that the band has a reason to reunite.

At the moment there are many things on the table being discussed and obviously playing live is one of them. If they won’t play, then they will get other stars out on stage playing their hits and then they would join in.”

Back to February 2018, speaking in an interview with Current, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant spoke about their 50th anniversary plans. He said that “there will be a celebration, I’m sure, somewhere. A cork will pop!”

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