A spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department made an exclusive statement to TMZ and shared the details behind the death of Metal Church singer Mike Howe.

Howe was a metal singer who worked with Heretic, Snair, and finally, Metal Church. After parting ways with the band in 1996, he rejoined his old band and released two more studio albums with Church.

Unfortunately, the official Twitter account of the band made a public statement this week and confirmed that Howe passed away at his home at the age of 55. The band also asked their fans to respect their and the Howe family’s privacy.

While Howe is the second singer of Metal Church who died following David Wayne, his cause of death still seems to be a mystery. Although some people in the rock and metal scenes thought that drugs and alcohol are the factors behind the vocalist’s loss, the police officers insist that the cause of the death is still unknown.

According to the police officer from Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept., drugs or booze are believed to be non-factors in the unexpected death of the singer. The officer also added that there was no paraphernalia or controlled substances found in Mike’s home.

Here is the statement of the police officer:

“Cops got a call Monday morning just after 10 AM in Eureka, CA reporting an unexpected death at a home. We’re told when deputies arrived they found Mike dead at the scene.

Drugs and alcohol are not believed to be factors in the death and no controlled substances or paraphernalia were located at the scene.”

And here is the earlier announcement of Metal Church:

Mike Howe passed away yesterday at his home in Eureka, California. The passing of our brother, friend, and a true legend of heavy metal music has devastated us and we are at a loss for words. Please respect our privacy and the Howe family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

You can check out the post of the band below.