The official Instagram account of legendary band Pink Floyd shared a picture of the Lego version of Division Bell concert made by a devoted fan within nine months.

As you might remember, The Division Bell Tour was the last tour by Pink Floyd that David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright performed together. The tour aimed to support The Division Bell album of the band released in 1994.

A dedicated fan of the band created the Lego version of Pink Floyd’s Giants Stadium concert as a part of The Division Bell Tour. Apparently, it took him 9 months and approximately 4,000 Lego pieces to complete this replica.

Another fan named Brett Diamond saw this work at a Lego Convention in New Jersey last year and sent its photo to the band members.

Here’s how the official Instagram account of Pink Floyd explained the work of their fan:

At a Lego convention last year in New Jersey, one of the exhibitors there had built a replica of the Division Bell concert stage from Giants Stadium, with a few embellishments. It took him about 9 months and about 4,000 Lego pieces. Our thanks to Brett Diamond for the picture.

 You can see the concert replica posted on the official Instagram account of Pink Floyd below.