One of the biggest fan pages of Queen legend Freddie Mercury on Instagram, freddiemercuryfanclub, has shared a weird video of a fan who is having intimate moments with Freddie’s cardboard.

In the video, a fan named Iryna Kulshenko was dancing with Freddie’s cardboard while his solo classic ‘In My Defence’ was playing in the background. Also, during this dancing session, we can see that she gave little kisses to Freddie a couple of times.

This video watched over 37.000 times less than ten hours and the fans left some interesting comments in the post.

Here is what freddiemercuryfanclub wrote:

“Everybody’s out partying Saturday night style and I’m home like… The cat in the corner watching makes it all even better😻

P.S. Found this on @kulshenka and I really wish I had my own lifesize Freddie cardboard cutout standee 😩❤ Don’t you?”

A fan user named anilvapl added this comment:

“😂 This is perfect 😬 I’d like to have a party like that! Just me and…HIM! 😄 Surely we all need our own life-size Freddie! 😍 Definitely!”

Another fan named Licinia Silva said:

“Ahahah! Could perfectly be me!!! 😊😊 Even the cat approves 😍 and yes… I would love to have my own lifesize Freddie cardboard ❤️❤️❤️”

You can check the post below.