Sammy Hagar, the former singer of Van Halen and the current member of The Circle, has replied to a fan who says he is one of the hardest voices to cover and said that he shares the same opinion.

Hagar has posted a picture of himself that was taken alongside his guests of the new episode of ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip With Sammy Hagar.’ The great musician revealed that he is having fun with his guests, Daughtry and Brian, filming an upcoming episode for season five of his TV show.

While most of his fans said in the comments that they are excited about the new season and the new episode of ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip With Sammy Hagar’, a fan, whose name is Nick, admitted something different.

The fan, who is also a musician, said that Sammy is one hell of a tough cat to cover and he praises Hagar so much. Sammy Hagar replied to the comment of his fan and said that he agrees with him. Hagar stated that he feels the same way every time he covers one of his own songs.

Here is what the fan, whose name is Nick, said in the comments:

High praise coming from you, Sammy! I’m a singer too and you are one hell of a tough cat to cover.”

Sammy Hagar replied as:

I feel the same way every time I cover one of my own songs. Thank you.”

You can see Hagar’s post below.