University of South Australia’s study has shown that AC/DC’s Thunderstruck could help cancer patients.

According to report of The Lead South Australia,

“Vibrations caused by rock music have been found to increase a drug’s therapeutic window by creating a Teflon-like coating over the micro particles used in drug delivery.

Researchers from the University of South Australia used AC/DC’s Thunderstruck to cause porous silicon micro particles to bounce in the air, which allowed for the entire structure to be coated with a plasma polymer overlay.”

Professor Nico Voelcker stated:

“The use of the Australian rock band’s song Thunderstruck was intentional because he felt it was a perfect fit for the study because of its upbeat tempo and title.

Plasma is the fourth stage of matter, it is an ionised gas. We used a cold plasma, but an example of a hot plasma would be the rays of thunder. We ended up using Thunderstruck because we liked how it linked thunder and plasma gas.”

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