One of the fans of Tool named Rawlings took his official Twitter account to share interesting details about one of the legendary songs of the band, Prison Sex, and shared this detail to the whole fans.

Rawlings stated that he has been mishearing the lyrics of Prison Sex for over twenty years and realized this fact today that he had to change his relationship with the lyrics he knew as solid as a tattoo for two decades.

He said that he was hearing the second paragraph of the lyrics, ‘my lamb and martyr, you look so precious’ as ‘my lemon water, this will be over soon,’ and asked Maynard how he could un-lemon his relationship with this song.

Even though Maynard didn’t reply to the fans, he shared his reaction to Rawlings’ story by pushing the like button. Here is what Rawlings wrote:

Just realized I’ve spent the past 20+ years mishearing Tool‘s lyrics. It’s not ‘My lemon water, this will be over soon’ but ‘My lamb and martyr…’

Maynard James Keenan, how do I un-lemon my relationship with this song when it’s held strong as a tattoo for two decades?”

Another fan wrote a funny comment and said:

“For years I thought the lyrics of Sober were “I am just a worthless LAWYER.” A friend corrected me. Years later, I feel the lyrics of The Pot vindicated me.”

You can read the tweet below.