A meme designer named Ian Wexler has reacted to Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen for his offensive mentions on Twitter.

First of all, Ian wrote this:

“I’m doing the meme. Send me a character name and I’ll tell you three things I have in common with them and three things I don’t!”

A Twitter user named Jenna said “Jar Jar Binks (from Star Wars)”, Ian responded ‘this is cruel’. Then, Wolfgang chimed in and said:

“That doesn’t sound like a list of things you have in common and don’t have in common with Jar Jar Binks, Ian.”

Jenna said to Wolfgang:

“looking for something more along the lines of “ears that look like hairdo”

Wolfgang responded:

“You forgot “saying meesa while referring to myself” because I’m pretty sure Ian does that.”

Ian said “I don’t deserve this slander???!?”, and Wolfgang responded again:

“Stop being so much like Jar Jar Binks then”

Jenna chimed in and said ‘this offends me’, Ian responded ‘how do you think I feel’. Wolfgang wrote ‘You just can’t handle the truth’.

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