On Twitter, Eddie Van Halen‘s son and Van Halen’s current bassist Wolfgang posted a video of his mother and the chef, Valerie Bertinelli, to mock her burnt onion rings and responded to a fan’s comment praising the band’s former bassist Michael Anthony in a hilarious way.

The legendary guitarist of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, and the actress Valerie Bertinelli got married in 1981 and they had a son, Wolfgang Van Halen. Later in 2007, the couple decided to divorce as a result of Eddie’s substance addiction. Valerie Bertinelli has become a chef and a host of her own cooking show named ‘Valerie Home Cooking‘ on Food Network for which she received two Emmy Awards last year.

Recently on Twitter, Wolfgang posted a video of his mother Valerie to mock her burnt onion rings. On the caption of his video, Wolf emphasized the fact that Valerie had two Emmys for her own cooking show and wrote:

“Ladies and Gentleman, my mother. You know, the one who won two (two!!) Emmys for her own cooking show. #valerieshomecooking #overdonionrings”

In the comment section of the tweet, a Van Halen fan nicknamed ‘Teenytinyt‘ responded to Wolf’s video by stating her admiration for the band’s former bass player Michael Anthony and simply wrote:

Michael Anthony forever.”

As a response to the fan’s statement, Wolfgang posted a hilarious comment assuming the Michael Anthony fan was referring to the way Wolf made fun of his mother.

Here’s what Wolfgang Van Halen stated in his reply:

“To be honest, I prefer the way Mike made fun of Val’s burnt onion rings better.”

You can see the tweet Wolfgang Van Halen posted on Twitter below.