Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Syn Gates shared a new article on his official website and showed his respect to Dream Theater as well as John Petrucci.

In the post, Syn revealed that he introduced to Dream Theater when he was thirteen years old, and Avenged Sevenfold’s late drummer The Rev actually the one who suggested it to him.

Furthermore, Syn revealed that he first listened to the ‘Images & Words’ album and said that it changed the way he looked at the guitar entirely because he had no idea what he was hearing.

Later on, Syn also praised the talent of John Petrucci and mentioned that he has been one of his favorite guitarists of all time since the day he listened to the ‘Images & Words’ album.

Syn Gates wrote:

“This was another band introduced to me by Jimmy. He used to sneak a Walkman to school and play me ridiculous shit in the bathroom. This one stood out as having the most incredible musicianship I had ever heard.

I was 13 when he played this record for me and it changed the way I looked at guitar. I had no idea that what I was hearing could be accomplished on the instrument I had already spent years working on.

John Petrucci has been one of my favorite guitarists rotating in my top 3 since the very day I heard this light show of a record way back in middle school.

He certainly epitomizes my way of approaching the guitar more than any other player besides maybe my father – with an endless pursuit of technique and harmony only to facilitate a melody and composition first approach to solos and songwriting.”

Further in the article, Syn Gates also talked about their collaboration with former Dream Theater Mike Portnoy and showed how a humble person he is by saying that he played with them for hours and hours and didn’t say anything about it.