Avenged Sevenfold’s Matt Shadows spoke in an interview with Rolling Stone and revealed his thoughts on video games. He says that video games helped him a lot when The Rev died.

Here’s the statement:

“On the road, if I’m bored before a gig, I have a gaming console out there. It’s called Fort Knox, I’m connected online, I can jump in and play ‘Call of Duty’ with my friends or… It’s a nice thing to have as a backdrop so I don’t ever get too anxious. It kind of cures insomnia in some ways – it’s therapeutic.

Games first came into being when I was a kid. The first Nintendo was made… when I first got those things, I couldn’t believe they existed. And I can see the same thing with my son when he plays. I got into every game they put on Nintendo from day one. ‘Zelda’ is my favorite franchise of all time – when a new ‘Zelda’ comes out, it’s all I really wanna play.

Games helped me a lot when Rev died. It was something I was able to do and not go outside and deal with people. I also found a community online where I was able to escape all the feelings I was having of losing my best friend. For a couple of years, I just played video games online.

Our gaming relationship started at EA with a guy named Steve Schnur, who was putting together a soundtrack for what would be Madden. He was a visionary guy, he had this idea of putting rock music and more contemporary stuff in video games, instead of this stuff you’d hear in ‘Castlevania.’

We did an Easter egg song for ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 1’ and ‘Black Ops 2.’ And then in ‘Black Ops 3,’ we did all the multiplayer music. So when you’re playing against other people online, you’re hearing Avenged Sevenfold.

You don’t have to make these album tracks that play into a bigger picture, you just have to make these bangers. Like, how I wanna feel when I’m running and people are shooting at me. Now that I have kids, gaming to me is more about watching them play and getting them into it.”

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