Avenged Sevenfold released their latest album “The Stage” on 28 October in last year. Guitarist Zacky Vengeance spoke in an interview with Metal Force about the album and said:

 “I feel like we have a lot of albums that are very diverse, but I feel with this album we’re literally taking all of the styles of metal and hard rock and doing our own spin on it, which hasn’t really been done. Incorporating drum beats that haven’t really been used to fill up verses, and doing time signatures that a lot of rock bands stay away from.

That gives it more of an almost progressive feel, but it still maintains a lot of listenability which is hard to achieve, because there’s so many metal bands just doing the same thing – one or two beats fast, double-bass, screaming on top of it or singing on top of it – and there are bands that do it so well. For us, it was trying to really step out and kind of create our own place within the rock and metal world, and not try to do anything that’s already been done.

He continued:

“We really wanted to try and come up with something very creative at a time when a lot of bands rehash riffs over and over again, though. With Hail To The King – our last album – we obviously wore our influences on our sleeve, and it was a blatant attempt to turn on our younger generation of fans to more classic sounding metal. With that, it kind of got their attention. It was almost like the gateway drug to heavier, more melodic music, so we had a plan and it seemed to work.

With this album, we wanted to really show off our instrumentation and time signatures, and long, adventurous songs. Once you can get a fan to listen to an album a handful of times and really have a lot of substance for them to grasp, then you’re looking at having a fan that really appreciates what you do for life, and can appreciate coming to see it live. That’s what bands like Pink Floyd and bands like Rush and even the Metallicas of this world have, which is long, ambitious songs that pull in all different directions.”

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