About Us

Metalhead Zone is one of the seven different websites within TG Media and reaches more than 10 million visitors per month. Considering the current visit and statistics data, it is regarded as one of the biggest rock and metal websites in the world.

As MHZ, our aim is not only to make news about the songs and albums in the rock and metal world. Although interviews constitute an important part of our content, unlike classic news sites, keeping the social media accounts of rock stars under the spotlight, presenting pieces of their personal lives, and capturing their interactions with their fans is the most important area we focus on as content.

Photo Usage And Copyright

We take the photos we include in our news from the social media accounts of the relevant person and give credit to them. In addition, we also use photographs on the internet that we think are made available for public use and do not contain a warning text in this sense. If there is a violation of the photo copyright, this may be unintentional and due to the negligence and incomplete information of the owner of the photo, and in such cases, we gladly do not hesitate to delete the photo. Just report it and we will sort it out.


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