AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams was recently interviewed by ‘Joe McLver of Guitar World’ and talked about many things from AC/DC classics to the new-age bassists of the era.

Cliff Williams has born in 1949 and joined AC/DC after being convinced to enter the audion for the band after they’ve decided to part ways with Mark Evans in 1977. Since then, he’s playing bass in the legendary Australian band. Back in 2019, Cliff has stated that he parted ways with AC/DC and announced his retirement from the band once and for all.

However, in 2020, Cliff returned to the band for their recently released album named ‘Power Up‘ as well as his long-time bandmates Phil Rudd and Brian Johnson. While he’s mostly known as the bassist of AC/DC, he has also made many benefit concerts and side projects during his career that continues over 50 years.

In his latest interview, Cliff admitted that he’s not aware of any young bass players out YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Here is what he said:

“I’m stuck with the old stuff that I know and love. I still listen to Little Feat. There’s probably a lot of great young bass players out there, but I’m just not aware of them. I do think Pino Palladino is a great player, and I had the distinct pleasure of having a beer with Rocco Prestia when ‘Tower Of Power’ was playing in Florida. We went along and I got a chance to talk with him.”

He continued by admitting that he’s not listening to Jazz:

“My wife and I went and saw John McLaughlin years ago playing at some club, and it made me feel uncomfortable. It made me feel kinda twitchy. Too busy!

My wife hated it, so we got out of there. So no, jazz is not for me. I know there’s some awesome bass players there, though.”

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