AC/DC drummer Phil Rodd spoke in a recent interview with Let There Be Talk and described the late guitarist of the band, Malcolm Young, with a single word.

As you might already know, AC/DC will be releasing a new album on November 13, Power Up, and the whole band members stated that this album is a tribute for their late guitarist Malcolm Young.

In the conversation, Phil mourned the death of Malcolm once again by revealing his thoughts about him. He stated that Malcolm was determined, and this is the only word to describe Malcolm fully.

Furthermore, Phil mentioned that Malcolm was a great person and he was one of the family. Additionally, Phil pointed out that Malcolm always knew what he wanted and this was the greatest thing about him.

Interviewer asked:

“What was Malcolm like?”

Here is what Phil Rodd said:

“He’s really determined – he’s really determined, you know, and that’s probably the one way to describe him best – determined.

We were developing on that stage as people, we had our ups and downs, but yeah, it’s all good.

He was a great guy, he knew exactly what he wanted, and that was a great thing about Angus and Malcolm, and he was our guy, you have to have that.”

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