Phill Rudd, best known as the drummer of the iconic band AC/DC, opened up about his opinions on Ringo Starr who achieved international fame during the 60s as the drummer for the Beatles, and stated that Starr is a special drummer.

Phill Rudd was one of the most known drummers in the world due to being the drummer of the iconic band AC/DC which he was hired immediately after the audition in 1974.

Just like Phill Rudd, the Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr is also one of the most influential and widely known drummers in the music industry. Alongside his works with the Beatles, he occasionally sang lead vocals with numerous bands.

During a recent interview with ‘Let There Be Talk,’ drummer Phill Rudd revealed his opinion about other successful drummers and stated that Charlie Watts, Ian Paice, and especially Ringo Starr, to whom he referred as someone special, were the ones that he admired back when he started.

Here is what the interviewer said:

“Who were your guys, the drummers that you were rocking to when you started out?”

Here is what Rudd said:

“Well, we got Ringo, Charlie Watts, Ian Paice, just those ’60s guys, British rock guys, and Ringo’s sort of always a special kind of a dude. He was great – he was great, he had really great attitude.”

Phill Rudd also revealed a story when he saw Ringo Starr first playing with Carl Perkins and Eric Clapton on Carl Perkins’ birthday. Rudd praised Starr and stated that he has something extra special when the interviewer mentioned Ringo Starr being underrated.

Here is what the interviewer said:

“It’s funny to think of Ringo Starr – he’s so underrated, right?”

Here is what Rudd said:

“I saw him play with Carl Perkins and Eric Clapton on that Carl Perkins birthday show they did – he’s just hot, he’s on it.

I share that to people – he’s really got something happening, Ringo, he has really got something extra special going on.”

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