Chris Slade, the current drummer of Australian rock icons AC/DC, talked in a recent conversation with Rolling Stone magazine and revealed the details of how he involved David Gilmour’s solo project.

As you might know, Chris Slade is one of the most popular touring drummers of all time. He toured with AC/DC, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and, of course, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

In the statement, Chris recalled the time he played for David Gilmour and explained how he got the first offer from him. Then, he detailed the phone call with Jimmy Page.

Here’s what he told first:

“I got this call from Dave Gilmour. It was like, ‘Hello, Chris, Dave Gilmour here.’ I looked at the phone to see if I was hearing correctly. ‘I’m putting a band together. I’d like you to play drums.’

I said, ‘Dave, that is absolutely fantastic. But I’m working with Mick Ralphs’ band.’ They were friends – Mick Ralphs from Bad Company.

He said, ‘That’s alright. Mick is doing it too.’ I thought, ‘Oh, fantastic.’ And I said, ‘OK, Dave. We’ll sort it all out and I’ll see you soon.’ He said we were going to start in about a month or so. I said to my wife, ‘OK, we’re going down to the pub to celebrate.’ We went down to the pub and had some lunch and some beers.”

He continued to told the story of his phone call with Jimmy Page and said:

“We came back and the phone rings. I pick up and hear, ‘Hello, it’s Jimmy Page here.’ I’m going, ‘Come on, friend. I know it’s you. Stop messing about.’ ‘No, no, no, no. It really is Jimmy Page.’ ‘How are you, Jim?’ We’d never met, but we had mutual friends. ‘Me and Paul Rodgers are putting a band together and we’d really like you to play drums.’

I was like, ‘Oh! Jim, you won’t believe this. An hour and a half ago’ – I was thinking honesty was the best policy – ‘an hour and a half ago, David Gilmour asked me to do a tour and it’s starting in a month or so.’ I was thinking, ‘Oh, God, that’s the end of it now.’ And he goes, ‘That’s alright. We’ll wait…’ Holds phone away from face. Stares at phone for about 30 seconds. Couldn’t believe it.

‘OK, we’re not in any sort of rush, really. How long is the tour?’ I said, ‘I think it’s going to be three months.’ ‘Well, keep me in touch and we’ll see what happens when it finishes. But we definitely want you to play drums.’ I went, ‘OK, thanks a lot. Thank Paul and I’ll call you and keep you informed with what’s going on.’ We definitely went to the pub after that. Again.”

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