AC/DC Fans.Net forum member Slammerjam posted a recent message on a new topic and shared the latest rumors with the other fans.

Here is what Slammerjam wrote:

“I have never posted this here, because:

A) I can’t prove anything
B) It might be that someone misheard something.

But anyway… I know some people that work for a concert promoter in Germany. Some months ago I got the info that a Munich show is being booked or at least the venue is being reserved (for summer 2020).

I guess reserving stadiums for potential dates far in advance is probably normal practice (whether or not the show takes place), so I didn’t think much about it. But with the recent rumors of a tour next year, maybe it was indeed true.”

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At the first days of July, The legendary Australian rock band AC/DC started to post new videos on their YouTube channel, AC/DC Official (former name was AC/DCVevo) after almost 2 years.

The last video before those 4 new videos was 31 million viewed, the official video of Let There Be Rock.

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