In an interview for Klos radio, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared another undisclosed information about the highly-anticipated new AC/DC album and claimed the band was planing a new tour to go with the upcoming album.

As you may know, the iconic Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider posted some tweets about the possibility of a new AC/DC album on his Twitter account for a while ago. Snider claimed the upcoming album would also contain materials recorded while the band’s co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young was still alive.

Furthermore, according to Dee Snider for the new AC/DC album, Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young would be replacing the late guitarist. He also has been emphasizing how fascinating the much-anticipated AC/DC album would be often on social media and in the interviews he joined.

During an interview with Marci Wiser from Klos radio station, Dee Snider revealed that he had dinner with AC/DC icon Brian Johnson and shared further details about the upcoming album. Answering the questions about the release date of the new record from AC/DC, Snider stated:

“I think that everybody — and you’ve seen this with the movie industry; you’ve seen this across the board — not everybody, but a lot of people have said, ‘Let’s just put a hold on everything until everything until things settle down a little.'”

Additionally, Dee mentioned the possibility of a new tour and claimed AC/DC would be ‘playing stadiums‘ during this tour which made the fans extremely excited about:

“I think they’re planning on a tour to go with the new record, and I know they’re spoiled old brats like me — they don’t wanna do it online or something. They know they’re gonna be playing stadiums on this tour.”

Lastly, Twisted Sister legend stated that he had been one of the biggest fans of AC/DC even while they were playing only in Australia and mentioned how excited he was to hear the records from the ‘classic lineup’:

“I’m an O.G. AC/DC fan. I discovered them in Australia before they were even here in the States. And to see the classic lineup — Cliff and Brian and Angus and Phil… To see the classic lineup and know that they actually had tracks from Malcolm that they’ve used. So you’re actually getting the band on this record. It’s insane just to think about it.”

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