AC/DC‘s legendary vocalist Brian Johnson joined a show called ‘Rock & Roll Firsts’ on Youtube and revealed that he had stolen a Bob Dylan album when he was young.

During a show named ‘Rock & Roll Firsts‘ on a Youtube channel, AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson talked about some of the ‘firsts‘ in his life.

Initially, they asked about the ‘first concert he attended‘ and Brian answered:

“It was Dunston at The Village Hall and it was a band called The Brown Suits.”

Then, they asked him to name the ‘first album he had ever bought’, but Brian had an interesting answer this time. Apparently, he stole the first album he owned and it was a Bob Dylan album named ‘Freewheelin’.’

“The first album I bought, well actually I stole it. Because my girlfriend at the time was in Newcastle and she worked in the record store and she said, ‘You know what there is an album over there nobody’s buying. If you need go over and stick it up your shirt.’

It was Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ and I walked out of that shop with the biggest nipples in Newcastle.”

Furthermore, Brian answered the question about the ‘first band he was in’ and said:

“My very first band was, they were called the Gobi Desert Canoe Club. And I made the name up because I thought I was a smartass.”

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