AC/DC’s iconic frontman Brian Johnson recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced that he’s been working on a new memoir which entails the story of how he started out as a choirboy and ended up becoming one of the most famous rock n’ roll frontmen of all time.

As you may recall, AC/DC released their 17th studio album ‘Power Up’ after a six-year break in November 2020. The album ranked No. 1 Best-Seller on Amazon in just a couple of days and became the fastest-selling album of 2020 as 117,000 copies were sold in the first week. The album also marked the return of Brian Johnson who had to stop touring in 2016 due to total head loss.

It seems like everything Johnson experienced in the past years led him to realize how many things he’s gone through both as an average human and as a world-renown musician. His journey in music started quite early, as he would try to pursue his interest in music anywhere he’d go, including the Scouts. Later on, he joined a local church choir and at the age of 23 he joined his first band, and the rest is history.

Having led such a remarkable life, including serving in the Territorial Army with the Parachute Regiment, apparently, Brian Johnson decided that it would be a good idea to write down and create a record of his life. In his recent tweet, he said that he’s had some bad and some great nights, some challenging days, and numerous good ones and that now he’s gone and ‘written a bloody book about it.’ He announced that the name of the book will be ‘The Lives of Brian‘ and that it’ll be released on October 26.

Here’s what Brian Johnson said in his recent tweet:

“I’ve had some long nights and some great nights, bad days and a lot of good ones. I’ve gone from choirboy to rock ‘n’ roll singer, and now I’ve gone and written a bloody book about it… ‘The Lives of Brian’ is coming on October 26.”

You can check out Brian Johnson’s tweet below and click here to have a look at the book.