Angus Young, who is the legendary guitarist of AC/DC, spoke in a recent interview with Planet Radio and responded to one of the most wondered questions about the iconic rock band.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the bands forced to postpone their events and waiting for months to get back on the stage, and AC/DC was not an exception. For months, fans were wondering when this legendary band will meet the audience once again.

In the conversation, Angus Young responded to this question and said that he is hoping for being on the stage live again. However, Angus admitted that there is no chance to do so if the doctors couldn’t make a magical cure to end the virus.

Furthermore, Angus mentioned the newest album they released recently, Power Up, and stated that he is looking forward to testing this album out in front of the audience. In this way, he showed how much he missed being on the stage.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you think you will be playing live again?”

Angus Young replied:

“Hopefully if they get rid of the – you know, if they come up with the magic cure, we’ll be out there, I guess.

I think everyone is waiting for it all to get back to normal, and then we can test it all live – our new album.”

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