AC/DC’s former Welsh-born Australian member, Dave Evans had a recent interview with The Metal Voice and revealed an untold story of how he and his former bandmates had real money issues.

According to Evans, whether the band was on TV and the radio, they were not getting money and they had a real issue with their manager.

Here is his statement:

“The reason why I left the band was because we had a hit record and we were doing so many shows, sometimes we were doing three shows a day and I was not getting paid. We were on TV on radio but we were not getting any money. Plus were pretty unhappy with our third manager.”

He continued:

“I had to pay rent back at my apartment in Sidney, I was paying off a car, working my ass off and not getting any money. We had a meeting one night with the manager and he smart-mouthed me, so I punched him.

I had enough so I was going to leave the band after the tour unless I got a certain amount of money, which I didn’t, so I left. Strictly economics.”

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