AC/DC Fans forum member Meanstreak posted a new forum topic and revealed a really weird fight story about the band’s long-time drummer Phil Rudd.

Meanstreak revealed a short passage from the Rainbow Tour Manager Colin Hart’s autobiography, A Hart Life.

Here is the whole story below:

“Phil Rudd looking calm and calculated. But it wasn’t always the case as Colin Hart recalled. When we were in Frankfurt after a show, I was driving Cozy Powell back to the hotel through a very seedy part of town when we spied Phil Rudd staggering along the street absolutely arseholed and having an altercation with some of the local populace.

We stopped and told him to get out of the area and stop being a dickhead, but he just wanted to stay there, stand his ground and not go back to his hotel. How wonderfully Australian! We quickly bundled him into the car, as this was just not the part of town to pick a fight – especially as he was not the biggest guy in the world.

He very reluctantly allowed us to take him back, but the next night and the others after that, he would repeat the exercise. Get shitfaced, find the local badlands and try to rearrange the locals. It’s called a death wish, which happily was not granted then or since.”

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