Former AC/DC member, Dave Evans had a new interview with The Metal Voice’s Neil Turbin and revealed the really hard days he and his bandmates had in Australia because of almost every bands came from gang culture.

Dave Evans also shared a really rare story of how Malcolm Young and he had a fight in the street with another band’s members.

Here is what Dave said:

“Back in those days the bands, in Australia at least were like a gang. We didn’t talk to the other bands much and every band was trying to make it. There weren’t as many record labels in those days and lots of bands.”

He continued:

“So we weren’t very talkative to each other and there was like this gang mentality between the bands and actually at one time Malcolm [Young], myself and our roadie had a fight with one of the bands after we went to Checkers one night they come to attack us.

Malcolm had picked up a plank of wood, our roadie had picked up a brick and I picked up a cut bottle and smashed it like *that* and they took off and ran up the alleyway. So yeah, it was real gang mentality within the bands in those days. We didn’t really talk to each other and it was so competitive.”

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You can watch the whole interview below.