AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has spoken in the recent conversation with Linea Rock and revealed the unknown truth about how he joined David Gilmour’s solo band.

In the ’80s, David Gilmour decided to draw a new path for himself to make his solo band and album. He wanted to work with unique talents for this project, and he called Chris Slade to join his own project.

In the conversation, Chris has stated that he was in shock when he got a call from David to propose his offer. Later on, he revealed how he joined the band and what did they do after the agreement.

Chris Slade on joining David Gilmour’s band:

“I was living in London. And the phone rings, and I’m trying to get it the right way, so, ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello, this is David Gilmour.’ ‘Come on, Jim, I know it’s you, stop messing about.’

‘No, this is David Gilmour.’ And I met him once before, so I go, ‘Oh, hello Dave, surprised to hear from you.’ We had mutual friends, Mick Ralphs from Bad Company – they were neighbors – and I’ve worked in Mick Ralph’s band, just did a few gigs to try to warm up and stuff.”

He continued:

“So I had met Dave, but as far as I knew, he was off skiing somewhere. So, ‘Surprised to hear from you’; ‘Well, I’m putting a band together, and I’d really like you to be the drummer.’

And I went, ‘Dave, look, you know I’m in the band with Mick Ralphs.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, Mick’s doing it as well.’ So funnily enough, we went down the pub to celebrate, basically.”

Interviewer asked:

“Was it hard to work with him?”

Chris Slade replied:

“Not at all. He’s the nicest guy, he really is. He’s very humble, believe it or not, extremely humble, and not demanding at all – not one bit. Not even to suggest – or, ‘Can you play that there?’ Nothing like that. He just lets it flow.”

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