One of the rare interviews of late AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has revealed by Alternative Nation today.

As you might know, there are many interesting myths about AC/DC but there’s a special one instead of the others, which is the myth that if Bon Scott was the driver of the band before his joining.

During the latest interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Malcolm Young mentioned that myth and said:

“Bon [Scott] was driving us around at the time, and he was forever telling us to get rid of our singer because he was crap.

He kept saying that he would love a crack at it himself – this was when he was oiled. One day we mentioned it to him but he wasn’t keen anymore. So he went back to painting ships.”

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Back in February 2019, former AC/DC singer Dave Evans spoke in an interview with Metal Voice and talked about the same topic by saying:

“It was nothing like that he was just a friend of George Young, he used to hang around with us. Another myth he was never the band’s driver. Also, Bon Scott was never the drummer of the band. They are just myths.”

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