During the recent interview with Illawarra Mercury, former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright talked about the possibility of Bon Scott hologram performing with the band. He said that ‘It would be cool’.

Interviewer said:

“However, does Wright think a hologram of late, beloved AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott could happen one day?”

Simon Wright responded:

“I don’t know. It takes a lot of working out; you’ve got to work (it) out with the family and the band members, and everything.

It would be cool I guess. We took the one of Ronnie into the shop last year and it got worked on. I saw it the other day, and it looks incredible.

Ronnie James Dio hologram is currently on a world tour and Simon Wright playing drums for it.

Back in October 2018, he has shared the details about the Dio Hologram tour and said:

“There are plan to tour with Dio Hologram next year and it will be different, it’s going to be a lot better as far as the way it looks. its the same hologram but they took it to the shop, worked on it and it looks really really good, it looks almost real.

The team is in the process of deciding what the tour will look like. There are so many people who didn’t get a chance to see Ronnie Dio live so, now they will get to see him as live as is possible, it’s going to be a big show, big production.”

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