Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans was recently interviewed by Nacion Rock Mexico and made important statements about the current status of AC/DC.

As you might check out the statements of Dave Evans below, he indicated that after the death of Malcolm Young, Angus Young shouldn’t have kept the band alive and his attitude was some kind of disrespect.

Here is the conversation he had with Nacion Rock Mexico, translated by Google Translate.

Nacion Rock asked this:

“What is your opinion on the current situation of AC/DC? Do you think the band could continue doing great things after the death of a member as essential as Malcolm Young?”

Dave Evans responded:

“I see it very difficult since Malcolm was the true influence and head of AC/DC, also one of the most important composers, the riffs and the songs, his sound and vision, that was what he transmitted to us. It will be very difficult for the band.

However, I am witnessing that many musicians have passed through the group and I think that the sound can always be renewed without losing the essence of what AC/DC is, there could be a new line-up that works really well for what is come on; New album, new band, new label, new everything.”

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