AC/DC’s iconic former member, Dave Evans had a new interview with The Metal Voice’s Neil Turbin, and revealed untold details about earlier days of AC/DC.

As you will read below, Dave revealed his real thoughts if Angus Young is a control freak or not.

Here are his statements:

“Not at first because we shared everything including the expenses of course. It was a band, it wasn’t anybody’s band in particular but we all had our say and we all paid the same amount of money. It was a band, a real band. However, not long after we started doing gigs, Malcolm’s older brother George, the famous George Young from the Easybeats, was a new A&R guy with a new record label.

The label was called Albert’s Music and he was there along with Harry Vander. Harry and George had been in the Easybeats and they were a fantastic band.

So he came along to listen to us rehearse and then he said he ‘yeah we’ll sign you up for a record.’ It was fantastic. They produced us, Harry Vander and George Young, then we had a hit record immediately- Can I Sit Next to You, Girl was the first record out and it raced up the charts.”

You can watch the interview below.

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