AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Audioslave producer Brendan O’Brien (he produced AC/DC’s latest album Rock or Bust in 2015) wrote an open letter to late singer Chris Cornell and revealed unheard story about a wallet that made by Chris.

He said that ‘I really miss that wallet… wish it were still here”. Here’s the story:

The last time I saw Chris was at his performance on the Fallon show where he played his song “The Promise”, Matt Cameron was on the drum kit and I know that Chris was thrilled to have him there. I believe one of the last things that I said to him was that he sang great. He just smiled in response as if to say, “It’s what I do.” It was a good night.

On that first session with Soundgarden, all those years ago, I noticed Chris had a wallet made entirely out of black duct tape. I asked where he got it and he claimed that he had made it. I must’ve given him the look of doubt because he said that he would make one for me, as if my expression had challenged him.

Over the next couple days while I worked at the console, and he listened, Chris made me the perfect duct tape wallet complete with a spot for your driver’s license. He gave it to me and I used it with pride until it wore out, telling everyone Chris made it for me. Bragging, really. I really miss that wallet… wish it were still here.

He also talked about how he felt when he working with Chris and said:

He was always easy to work with, although I did get mad at him when he left Audioslave after we had finished their last album together, but mostly for selfish reasons. However, when he called me a few years ago to help him with some new songs I was happy to be involved. How can you say no to a guy with that kind of voice and that much fun to be around? [2015’s] ‘Higher Truth’ was a fun record to make.

Most of the time it was just the two of us making the music. His music. I felt honored that he wanted it that way. The guy seemed larger than life in a vocal booth and most of the time I was just happy to be in the room.

We spent a lot of time laughing, talking about cars, movies and obscure TV shows. Important things. The music and his performances were his best solo work since [his debut solo album, 1999’s] ‘Euphoria Mourning,’ a beautiful record that he made with Alain Johannes and the late Natasha Shneider.

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