The legendary band AC/DC shared a section from the interview made for the 40th anniversary of their seventh studio album ‘Back in Black‘ and Angus Young talked about the first track of the album, ‘Hells and Bells.’

On the rare interview, little known details about the recording process of the album were shared. The story of ‘Back in Black’, along with Young’s thoughts on iconic bell and riff section of the song ‘Hells and Bells’, was revealed in the short video.

It was said about the recording of ‘Hells and Bells’ that, after the rehearsals in London, AC/DC set off for the Bahamas to work with the sound engineer Tony Platt. The paradise-like setting of the Bahamas gave the band a chance to shed their sorrows and get down the business.

Angus Young talked about how he and Malcolm agreed to work there and said:

“They said ‘you get the great guitar sounds in there’, so that sold me and Malcolm straight away.”

You can see the Instagram post of the band and the music video of ‘Hells and Bells’ below.