The official announcement was released concerning the documentary presenting Foo Fighters’ singer Dave Grohl meeting with AC/DC icon Brian Johnson at Grohl’s legendary Studio 606 to exchange stories from their music careers.

U.K’s Sky Arts gave the exciting news of their latest documentary named ‘Brian Johnson Meets Dave Grohl‘ and shared an official statement about the details. The much-anticipated documentary will be showing AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson meeting with former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl at his Studio 606 in Southern California.

According to the official announcement, the documentary, during which Johnson and Dave would be sharing the details of their legendary music careers, will air on Sky Arts free of charge from September 17, 2020.

Here’s the official statement on ‘Brian Johnson Meets Dave Grohl‘:

“It’s a meeting of rock legends as AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson meets Foo Fighters lead singer and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl at the Foos’ LA studio to share stories about life on the road.”

Furthermore, the director of Sky Arts, Philip Edgar-Jones, mentioned the demand from people around the world to see more creative works, particularly during the quarantine days due to the Covid-19 pandemic and continued:

“There’s never been a stronger need or demand for the arts, nor a more important time to champion and celebrate creativity.

That’s why we’re throwing open the doors to make Sky Arts a free channel. During the lockdown, we’ve seen audiences to the channel increase by 50 percent.

As a free to air channel, I hope that Sky Arts can help arts organizations and cultural institutions of all shapes and sizes across the U.K., providing them with a platform to create and showcase their work to a broad audience.”

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